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Gonca Yazıcı, Deniz Yakışıklı ve Emre Devrim'in bitirme projeleri YAEM 2015 Öğrenci Proje Yarışmasında finale kalmaya değer...


There is assistantship opportunities for a set of projects that will run in our department during the summer term. For each project, a brief description, approximate start-finish dates and required...

Yavuz Boğaç Türkoğulları, BU-IE Ph.D. Student
Necati Aras, BU-IE Faculty
İ. Kuban Altınel, BU-IE Faculty
Cem Ersoy
with their paper entitled "Optimal placement and activity scheduling to maximize coverage lifetime in wireless sensor...
Ülkü Buket Nazlıcan, BU-IE Graduate
Beste Başçiftçi, BU-IE Graduate
have won the third prize with their term project entitled “Integer Programming Formulations for Salesforce Routing” in the Student Project Competition at the 13. Production Research Symposium...
Nihan Karali, BU-IE Ph.D. Student
Gürkan Kumbaroğlu, BU-IE Faculty
with their poster entitled "An Aggregate Economic Equilibrium Model for Energy and Environment Sustainable Policy Analysis: The Case of Turkey" have won theExcellent Poster Award at the "...
Necdet Serhat Aybat, BU-IE Graduate Student
Sinem Daysal, BU-IE Graduate Student
Burcu Tan, BU-IE Graduate Student
Fulden Topaloğlu, BU-IE Graduate Student
with their paper entitled "Decision Making Tests with Different Variations of The...
Mehmet Serdar Çakacıaslan, BU-IE Undergraduate Student
Tolga Sağlık, BU-IE Undergraduate Student
Pınar Seke, BU-IE Undergraduate Student
Mustafa Uğur, BU-IE Undergraduate Student
are awarded the Tubitak 2241-A scholarship for Industry...
Kemal Sarıca, BU-IE Ph.D. Student
Gürkan Kumbaroğlu, BU-IE Faculty
with their paper entitled "Power Plants Efficiency Assessment: Case of Turkey" have won the Committment for Sustainable Development Award at the "9th IAEE European Conference" held at Florence...
Elvan Gökalp, BU-IE Undergraduate Student
Gülsevi Başar, BU-IE Undergraduate Student
Duygu Tekin, BU-IE Undergraduate Student
with their project entitled "Dynamic Modeling of Peritoneal Dialysis and Its...