Ümit Bilge

Ph.D., Professor
B.S. in IE, Boğaziçi University, 1982;
M.S. in IE, Boğaziçi University, 1984;
Ph.D. in IE, Boğaziçi University, 1991.
Research Interests: 
Machine and project scheduling, Production planning and control under manufacturing flexibility, CIM and automated guided vehicle systems, Meta-heuristic methods in optimization

Recent publications

  1. An exploratory study of disaggregated clearing functions for production systems with multiple products, Albey, Erinç, Bilge Ümit, and Uzsoy Reha , International Journal of Production Research, Number ahead-of-print, p.1–22, (2014)
  2. Operational aircraft maintenance routing problem with remaining time consideration, Başdere, Mehmet, and Bilge Ümit , European Journal of Operational Research, Volume 235, Number 1, p.315–328, (2014)
  3. Resource dedication problem in a multi-project environment, Beşikci, Umut, Bilge Ümit, and Ulusoy Gündüz , Flexible Services and Manufacturing Journal, Volume 25, Number 1-2, p.206–229, (2013)
  4. Material handling considerations in the FMS loading problem with full routing flexibility, Koşucuoğlu, Deniz, and Bilge Ümit , International Journal of Production Research, Volume 50, Number 22, p.6530–6552, (2012)
  5. A hierarchical approach to FMS planning and control with simulation-based capacity anticipation, Albey, Erinç, and Bilge Ümit , International Journal of Production Research, Volume 49, Number 11, p.3319–3342, (2011)
  6. A parametric fuzzy logic approach to dynamic part routing under full routing flexibility, Bilge, Ümit, Fırat Murat, and Albey Erinç , Computers & Industrial Engineering, Volume 55, Number 1, p.15–33, (2008)
  7. A tabu search algorithm for the single machine total weighted tardiness problem, Bilge, Ümit, Kurtulan Müjde, and Kıraç Furkan , European Journal of Operational Research, Volume 176, Number 3, p.1423–1435, (2007)
  8. Multi-attribute responsive dispatching strategies for automated guided vehicles, Bilge, Ümit, Esenduran Gökçe, Varol Nebibe, Öztürk Zeynep, Aydın Burcu, and Alp Aysun , International Journal of Production Economics, Volume 100, Number 1, p.65–75, (2006)