Graduate Study

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Boğaziši University Department of Industrial Engineering




If you are interested in obtaining a masters degree in industrial engineering, and you are interested in Ergonomics and Occupational Safety, this program will be of interest to you.  Through this program students study, conduct research, and gain work experience in Ergonomics and Occupational Safety. 


A program in Ergonomics and Occupational Safety is offered to masters level graduate students in the Department of Industrial Engineering (IE) at BU, to provide educational opportunities to engineering students interested in pursuing industrial, consulting, or academic careers in Ergonomics and Occupational Safety, or related areas. 


This program has been designed to fulfill all the degree requirements of the Industrial Engineering Department while allowing students to specialize in Ergonomics and Occupational Safety.


Program Goals and Significance:  The objectives for the training program in Ergonomics and safety Program are to provide education, training, and support to graduate students seeking an advanced engineering degree with a concentration in Ergonomics and Safety.  Participants will graduate with the skills necessary to recognize, assess, and develop and implement engineering and administrative controls for general occupational safety and ergonomics hazards.


Curriculum:  The Ergonomics Program is designed to satisfy the requirements of the BU IE department, as well as meet the needs of engineers who wish to assume responsibilities in ergonomics and occupational safety.