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Welcome to SESDYN

Socio-Economic System Dynamics Research Group (SESDYN) is a research group that focuses on systemic problems having dynamic nature. The group is a part of Boğaziçi University Industrial Engineering Department. The main facility of the group is SESDYN Lab, located in the department.
SESDYN group is founded and directed by Prof. Yaman Barlas.



2017-01-10: Master Thesis Presentation of Esra İlbahar
Time: 11 January 2017, Wednesday 14:30
Location: IE Department Meeting Room (New)
Subject: Dynamics of Municipal Solid Waste and Landfill Areas of Istanbul
Supervisor: Yaman Barlas

2016-07-18: Yaman Barlas has received the System Dynamics Society Outstanding Service Award

The System Dynamics Society awarded Yaman Barlas the Outstanding Service Award in grateful recognition of his exceptional volunteer contributions to the System Dynamics Society

2016-01-20: Yaman Barlas is appointed as the new Executive Editor of the Systems Dynamics Review Journal

Yaman Barlas is the new Executive Editor of the System Dynamics Review. His editorship began in January 2016, with Volume 32, issue number 1

2016-07-13: Master Thesis Presentation of Şirag Erkol
Time: 18 July 2016, Monday 14:00
Location: IE Department Meeting Room (New)
Subject: Influence Maximization Based on Partial Network Structure Information: A Comparative Analysis on Seed Selection Heuristics
Supervisor: Gönenç Yücel

2015-07-14: Master Thesis Presentation of Sema Mehmet
Time: 15 July 2015, Wednesday 13:30
Location: IE Department Meeting Room (New)
Subject: The Analysis of Characteristic Dynamics of Stock Management Structures
Supervisor: Hakan Yaşarcan

2014-07-31: Can Sücüllü has won the Dana Meadows Award

Can Sücüllü has won the Dana Meadows Award at the "32nd International Conference of the System Dynamics Society" held at Delft, Netherlands, on 20-24 July, 2014 with his paper entitled "Behavior Analysis and Testing Software (BATS)".

2014-07-31: Webpage for Behavior Analysis and Testing Software (BATS) is Online!

Click the title to go to the project webpage of BATS.