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What is BATS?

BATS is the latest software by Sesdyn. BATS covers functionalities of existing model analysis software applications and introduces new procedures and features. Operations of BATS can be grouped under three categories; behavior input and preprocessing, behavior analysis, and model analysis. Behavior inputting features include reading from external files (xls, xlsx, txt, tab, csv, etc.), drawing a new data, splitting/cropping existing data, extracting selections of data, applying exponential smoothing and moving average filtering techniques to existing data. Behavior analysis features include behavior classification using an advanced pattern recognition algorithm called ISTS Algorithm, trend regression, autocorrelation, spectral densities, amplitude estimation, cross-correlation, summary statistics, and graphical comparison. Model analysis features include a general purpose Model Docking Window, Hypothesis Tester, Behavior Space Classifier, and Behavior Class Mapper. BATS replaces previous model analysis and testing software tools by Sesdyn BTS, BTS-II and SiS.

What is BATS for?

BATS is especially designed system dynamics models and includes automated structured processes to communicate with popular modeling software used in system dynamics methodology field. Currently BATS is able to work with Vensim models and/or outputs, and Stella outputs. New communication capabilities will be added in the upcoming versions.

BATS can assist the modeler and/or analyst in various phases of modeling; indirect structure testing, output evaluation, sensitivity analysis, model/parameter calibration, and policy analysis and design.

BATS can also be useful for other methodologies that has pattern-oriented time-series analysis focus. The two new sensitivity analysis features - Behavior Space Classifier and Behavior Class Mapper - offers unique and easy to interperet qualitative analysis on the beahvior space of the model.

Project Team

BATS is developed by Can Sücüllü under the supervision of Gönenç Yücel, based on initial research by Yaman Barlas at Sesdyn Lab at the Industrial Engineering Department of Boğaziçi University.

The authors have received the Dana Meadows Award at the 32nd International Conference of the System Dynamics Society, Delft, Netherlands on July 20 – July 24, 2014. Pictures are here and here


  • Workspace - BATS
  • Custom view example 1 - BATS
  • Custom view example 2 - BATS
  • Custom view example 3 - BATS
  • Plot multiple data series - BATS
  • Crop - BATS
  • Draw - BATS
  • Split - BATS
  • Eponental smoothing with slider - BATS
  • Trend Analysis - BATS
  • Autocorrelation function - BATS
  • Amplitude estimation by tigonometric function fitting - BATS
  • Behavior Space Classifier - Decline then growth case - BATS
  • Behavior Class Mapper - Results for growth then decline pattern - BATS
  • Behavior Class Mapper - Results for negative exponential growth pattern - BATS
  • Behavior Class Mapper - Results for s-shaped growth pattern - BATS
  • Behavior Space Classifier - Negative exponential growth case - BATS
  • Behavior Space Classifier - Oscillatory case - BATS
  • Behavior Space Classifier - S-shaped growth case - BATS
  • Behavior Class Mapper settings dialog - BATS
  • Behavior Space Classifier settings dialog - BATS
  • Graphical Comparison - BATS
  • Hypothesis Tester settings dialog - BATS


Latest version of BATS is 1.12

What's new in version 1.12?

  • bug fixes for Graphical Comparison
  • Initiated Statistical Screening by Ford and Flynn 2005

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